Insurance Coverage Law

K&W represents property owners, businesses, cities, and school boards in their fights against insurance companies. After a disaster these entities have many important and attention-consuming issues to handle quickly, and some insurance companies knowingly attempt to take advantage.

While litigation against an insurer should be a last resort, insurance companies often involve behind-the-scenes lawyers early in the process, focusing on potential litigation, rather than claim adjustment. K&W takes a novel approach to insurance coverage claims, getting involved in the process early in order to help our clients present their claims. By working hard before a suit is filed, we help some clients resolve their claims much faster. If insurance companies refuse to fairly adjust the claim, upon suit filing, K&W is better prepared to litigate aggressively and immediately, achieving prompt and fair results for its clients.

Representative Individual Clients:

While settlements between an insured individual and an insurance company are confidential, K&W has recovered nearly  $100 million for its clients on first party insurance claims.

Current and past clients include:

  • The City of Pasadena (Texas)
  • The City of Gretna (Louisiana)
  • Barbers Hill Independent School District (Texas)
  • La Porte Independent School District (Texas)
  • Plaquemines Parish School Board (Louisiana)
  • Cameron Parish School Board (Louisiana)
  • Academy of the Sacred Heart (New Orleans)
  • Omega Protein, Inc. (Texas)
  • Innovus, Inc. (Texas)
  • First Bank & Trust (Louisiana)
  • Goodwill Industries (New Orleans)
  • Alexander Milne Home for Women (Louisiana)
  • Various individuals in the Greater New Orleans area.
  • Nucor Corporation
  • Nucor Steel Louisiana LLC
  • Township of Woodbridge, NJ
  • Woodbridge Board of Education, NJ

Representative Class Action Cases:

  • Co-lead counsel, Press, et al. v. Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp.$23 million class action settlement on behalf of insureds in Louisiana concerning underpayment of overhead & profit expenses following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, No. 06-5530 (C.D.C., Orleans Parish, Louisiana) (class action)
  • Lead counsel, Milkman v. American Travellers Life Ins. Co.multi-million dollar national class settlement on behalf of long term care and home health care policyholders, No. 3775 (Ct. Common Pleas, 1st Judicial Dist, Penn.) (class action)
  • Lead counsel, Hanson v. Acceleration Life Ins. Co.multi-million dollar national settlement on behalf of long term care policyholders, No. 3:97-152 (D.N.D. 1999) (class action)
  • Lead counsel, Wallace v. American Agrisurancemulti-million dollar national class settlement on behalf of rice growers holding CRC policies, No. LR-C-99-669 (E.D. Ark.) (class action)
  • Lead counsel, Shaffer v. Continental Casualty$60 million national class settlement for the marketing and sales practice of long term care insurance, No. 06-2335 (C.D. Ca.) (insurance)

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